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SAF-T is the only brand of healthcare apparel that maintains the ability to kill most bacteria and viruses at 99.9% for the life of the product. When laundered according to directions, SAF-T scrubs and lab coats are powered to kill Staph, Pneumonia, E. Coli, Salmonella, Hepatitis A and other harmful germs to protect you and your patients.

SAF-T products are made with a patented fabric technology that enables chlorine molecules in the laundry to bind to the fabric. In essence, the chlorine molecules form a sanitizing shield on the fabric to provide 99.9% protection for up to 120 days after laundering. And, each time you launder your SAF-T scrubs and lab coats, the fabric becomes fully recharged with the chlorine molecules, so it's just as effective at killing germs at 75 washes as it is after the first wash.

Yes! The fabric technology is completely safe for skin (ISO & Cytotoxicity tested), but it's killer for bacteria and viruses! And, unlike silver ion technology which is banned in major healthcare facilities, SAF-T products are powered with the trusted and proven effectiveness of EPA-registered regular chlorine bleach. For decades, bleach has been recognized as the most reliable and safe agent to kill germs. It is non-carcinogenic and its use doesn't enable bacteria and viruses to mutate into antibiotic resistant forms.

SAF-T scrubs will not fade. SAF-T fabrics are made with patented dyes that stay true through the life of the product, so even our darkest colors like navy, black, charcoal and hunter green will not fade. Click here to see an example. SAF-T products are made to be laundered with EPA-registered chlorine bleach, so even after 50 washes, the colors stay true and the fabric will continue to kill germs and bacteria.

EPA-registered bleach is the good, old-fashioned, regular bleach that can be purchased at any major supermarket or general retailer. (For example, regular Clorox bleach.) Read the back of the label and look for the EPA-registration mark and follow the usage directions for laundry applications.

No. Don't use any bleach variations because they're generally not EPA-registered. Scented and "splashless" types of bleach generally contain a weaker concentration of sodium hypochlorite and, therefore, are not recommended for use with SAF-T products. Color-safe bleach does not contain any sodium hypochlorite so it will not activate SAF-T products to kill germs and should not be used.

SAF-T scrubs and lab coats become fully re-activated to kill 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria each time they are laundered according to directions using EPA-registered bleach. Simply wash your scrubs or lab coats in warm water, using your favorite laundry detergent and add in the correct amount of EPA-registered bleach.

To determine the correct amount of bleach, follow the instructions on the bleach label for laundry. You can use liquid fabric softener in the wash, but DO NOT use fabric dryer sheets or starch as these products inhibit the ability of the fabric to bind chlorine.

SAF-T scrubs and lab coats have been tested to maintain the full ability to retain chlorine molecules and kill germs at a rate of 99.9% through 75 washes when laundered according to care instructions. SAF-T doesn't quit. 
All SAF-T products are proudly Made in the U.S.A. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products and supporting manufacturing jobs in the U.S.  
Yes! You can see the entire line of SAF-T products for healthcare by visiting www.primemedical.com. The SAF-T line for healthcare includes privacy curtains, bed linens, patients gowns, towels - as well as scrubs and lab coats - and all are powered to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. 

If you'd like to learn more, feel free to reach us at info@saf-t-scrubs.com or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.